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Take the controls and become a global aviation tycoon with your favorite simulator.
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Make aeronautic industry accessible
for everyone

What sets us apart from the competition

MetaFlight is much more than just a game,
it's a complete experience for aviation lovers!

Fly in impressive gameplay on an complete ecosystem
Learn & Connect with professionals and aviation lovers
Share your knowledge with the community
Earn money with your passion!

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Blockchain Technology proposed by MetaFlight will bring a new age on your Flight Simulation experience.


MetaFlight is set to transform the Flight Simulation landscape with Blockchain Technology, primarily aimed at ensuring data ownership and security.

By securely logging flight activities and certifying virtual assets (NFTs) on the blockchain, users gain immutable proof of ownership, and even MetaFlight cannot modify acquired assets.

This innovation empowers users to freely retain, resell, or lease their assets, prioritizing their data and property.Additionally, blockchain verification serves practical purposes such as transitioning between virtual airlines and real-world appointments.

Setting up a blockchain wallet is seamless, offering both creation and synchronization options, including integration with MetaMask. Users can access their blockchain assets and flight logs directly from the dashboard, placing them in full control of their Flight Simulation experience.


This is Each NFT available from the Ingame Store has its advantages and they are displayed on the NFT detail page.NFT will give you FlightCoin bonus following the conditions displayed.And as you know you can purchase with your FlightCoin not only NFTs but online courses and services through our Flight Academy (currently in dev). text inside of a div block.

Frequently asked questions

What are the limits of free subscription?

MetaFlight is freemium, you don't need to pay to use MetaFlight! However, you will be limited in certain aspects of the platform. You'll have access to all the flight trackers, but you won't be able to save your data on the blockchain.

As for gameplay, you can earn XP points and you'll have access to PaxNCargo mode, but you'll be limited to leve

What exclusive features make MetaFlight a must for flight enthusiasts?

MetaFlight is an enhanced flight simulator. You earn money flying your favorite simulator.

Now, with the PaxNCargo module, you can fly with passengers and cargo. Don't forget to satsify your passengers with the meal service and the IFE if you don't want to collect negative xp points.

Furthermore,, you'll now be able to carry out missions linked to the supply and demand of the current market to accumulate even more XP points!

Accumulating XP points will help you climb the career level, which will unlock even more missions!

[SPOILER ALERT] Other modules are currently being developed, such as the Airline Manager, which will allow you to create and manage your own airline, and the Airport Manager, which will allow you to obtain and manage one of the world's airports.

How can I access my flight statistics on MetaFlight?

It couldn't be simpler! All your data is collected in your flight log available on your dashboard.

Guess what? you'll see that you can save your data in the blockchain! So your data will be secure and immutable!

How do I earn and use FlightCoins on MetaFlight?

The easiest way to collect FlightCoins (FC) is to fly with our flight tracker! You'll earn more or less FCs if you have a subscription or not.

But that's not all! With your FCs you can buy virtual assets in our Ingame store.
Why buy virtual assets? Because you'll be able to use them to boost your gains, so you'll have even more FCs to build your empire in the skies.

Where can I get help with MetaFlight questions or issues?

If you have any problems with MetaFlight, don't worry!

Just head over to our FAQ page!

On this page, you'll find all the information you need about MetaFlight gameplay.
You can also submit a support ticket to report a specific problem you're experiencing with MetaFlight.

The MetaFlight team will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.
Please be as specific as possible so that the team can help you!


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