It's a looong story...
once upon a time...

đŸ“¢ Captain Speaking đŸ“¢

Have you ever had a dream? Even a small one?

I'm Bertin, and my dream was to soar through the skies as a pilot for AirFrance.

But life had other plans. Instead of a cockpit view, I'm greeted by my computer screen every day.

Flight simulators ignited my passion, but something was missing—that feeling of responsibility, of having passengers relying on me.

So, in 2011, I decided to blend my virtual airline dreams with reality by founding AirFrance Virtuel.

Today, AirFrance Virtuel stands as the world's premier French-speaking virtual airline, with over 2700 pilots.

I understand the technical hurdles in achieving the pinnacle of realism and immersion.

That's why I've assembled my dream team to take on this challenge and bring you a unique experience: MetaFlight.

MetaFlight: Transforming Aviation Education and Industry

Empowering the Next Generation through Innovative Gamified Learning and Passion-Driven Collaboration in the Aviation World of Tomorrow

Beyond Addons: MetaFlight's Vision

MetaFlight aims to do more than just create new addons for flight simulators; our vision extends further.

Fostering the Next Generation of Aviation Enthusiasts

MetaFlight seeks to make it easier for the next generation to explore careers in aviation.

Game-Changing Approach to Aeronautics

MetaFlight is introducing a revolutionary solution to transform the aviation industry.

Learning Through Play and Fun
is possible

MetaFlight believes that learning through play and enjoyment is exceptionally effective, uniting people.

Experience the world's most immersive and collaborative aviation simulation