January 10, 2024

Fly your virtual airline on MetaFlight

Happy to see you on this page. This means you are been part of a virtual airline as a staff or pilot.

How my virtual airline can be listed on MetaFlight?

If your virtual airline runs currently on phpvms using smartacars system, there is a way to make MetaFlight compatible with your virtual airline.

Currently, we make compatible our tracker with AirFranceVirtuel airline which is currently running PHPvms.
So if you are using the same framework currently and you are interested to use our Flight Tracker, you can simply contact us.

This situation is temporary. We will develop an entire Airline Manager system that will replace completely your current VA management system. At this time the full Airline Manager system will be native on MetaFlight.

How MetaFlight can be connected with my Virtual Airline?

As each virtual airline framework is different we need to study how we can implement our solution to yours.
If you're interested to connect your VA running PHPvms system then contact us to discuss the possibilities to make it accesisble for you.

We will simply create a bridging API between MetaFlight and your VA so that you can receive PIREP in your hand.
Then it will be your wish and responsibility to do what you want with the pirep data.

How to link your AirFrance Virtuel account to MetaFlight?

Follow this simple procedure.

Go to your Crew Center on AirFrance Virtuel.
Then Edit your Profil.
You can find your MetaFlight key. Copy it.

Open MetaFlight Tracker.
Go to your dashboard and profile.
Paste your Key and fillup your AFRV Callsign on the simulation setting.

That’s all!

Now to fly AFRv you just need to bid your flight as usual on AirFrance Virtuel Crew Center. Then it will appear on MetaFlight Virtual Airline available flights.

You have just to click on your desired flight and take off!

After your flight ended it will be automatically sent to AirFrance Virtuel Flight Safety officers to be fulfilled.

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