February 10, 2024


The flight simulator landscape is changing fast, and with MetaFlight, the concept of boring, aimless flying is a thing of the past. Find out how to collect FlightCoins (FC) by flying your favorite flight simulator and creating an exciting second life in a dynamic virtual world.

FlightCoins: MetaFlight's in-house currency

Have you ever dreamed of being rewarded for every hour spent on your favorite flight simulator? MetaFlight makes your dreams come true. FlightCoins are the internal currency that powers the MetaFlight economy. Whether you're a passionate subscriber or a curious freemium user, FlightCoins are at your fingertips.

Fly, Grow, and Gain Experience

The key to earning FlightCoins is simple: take control and fly. FlightCoins can be earned during your flights with our Flight Tracker, by flying with passengers and cargo, but also by completing missions. Every experience you have adds to your portfolio of FlightCoins.

Make your dreams come true with FlightCoins

With your FlightCoins in your pocket, you can shape your virtual experience. You can invest in virtual properties that increase your in-game income and unlock new scenarios and prizes.

Earn FlightCoins by referring a friend

At MetaFlight, there's plenty of variety when it comes to earning FlightCoins. As well as the flights themselves, you can also be rewarded by inviting friends to join the community.

If your friend joins MetaFlight, you'll get a referral bonus of 300FC for your friend and 500FC for you.

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